In simple steps, get permanent skin hydration

Skin care is not difficult, and with little effort and at a small cost, you can make moisturizers

Natural for skin elasticity, preventing cracks, and avoiding roughness and a non-smooth texture

Which makes you look older.. Follow these tips to get smoother skin

With hydration, softness and harmonious follow us!


1- Water is the elixir of life:


You should drink plenty of water every day, as water helps the body to:


– Detox.


Showing the beauty of the eyes.


– reduces bloating and dark circles.





– Maintains skin softness.


Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of clean water daily to avoid wrinkles and get rid of toxins that are stressing you out.




2- Moisturizing the hands:


After washing the dishes, do not forget to put a layer of cream on it. You can keep several boxes of cream, so that they are close to you if


You forgot, for example, a small box in your handbag, another next to the bed, and a third in the kitchen, so that it is close to you for use immediately after


dish washing.


– You can prepare a small bottle containing glycerin solution and a few drops of lemon, to be used to rub hands, heels, and other areas


Those affected by the cold of winter, as this solution is natural and has a magical effect in adding softness to the skin.


3- Olive oil for freshness, smoothness, and the most wonderful:


Olive oil preserves your beauty from the inside and outside, so persevere in eating it and preparing foods that contain olive oil.


As it gives the skin strength and a taut appearance, and adds luster to the hair, and you can use it directly on the skin for freshness




4- Water and lemon:


Drinking water with lemon helps reduce wrinkles and fight aging, as it rids the body of toxins and imparts freshness.


on the face, and reduces the appearance of pimples because it contains vitamin C found in citrus fruits, and this in turn increases the production of


Collagen adds freshness and radiance to the face and skin.


Follow these simple points daily and the results will amaze you!