Ford Mustang 2024 convertible appears for the first time in interesting leaks

Spy shots spread of the Ford mustang coupe version  showing the design of the Ford Mustang 2024 convertible for the first time during its testing on a public road, disguised in thick camouflage, confirming the many modifications it will receive, note that the recent photos did not reveal any details related to the interior. Leaked images showed that the Ford Mustang 2024 convertible roof version will adopt the well-known design language of the Mustang with some clear differences in the front, as some sources indicated that it will come with a modified front grille with a new design for both headlights and fenders, and the model features a sharper design through Notable lines and angles. It is worth noting that the company has not disclosed or hinted about the mechanical specifications of the car, but some international sources suggest that it will be equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine with hybrid and electric options, and it is also expected that a Ford Mustang with a open roof will be launched in 2023 as a 2024 model.

*front face

Ford Mustang

The front end feels taller than the current model, the proportions make the roof feel lower, and the rear windshield is flush, with four exhaust outlets, two on each side, that assemble into the twin-tube setup found on the test Mustang. The interior of the Ford Mustang shows the new car’s use of a Mustang Bullitt steering wheel, and through the sound of the Mustang it appears that the V8 engine still under the hood. Some rumors point to a hybrid version of the new Ford Mustang that would equip the front wheels with an electric motor, creating the first-ever all-wheel drive Mustang. The new Ford Mustang will reach customers in 2024, which means a public debut could happen not long before.

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