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How to use WhatsApp on laptop without phone connected to the Internet

Some people hardly need to run the WhatsApp application on computer, without the phone, in order to complete the process of exchanging voice and text messages as well as calls with friends, in order to conserve the phone battery to use the rest of the other applications, and some of them may prefer to use the computer because it has better and faster control From the smartphone, the application can be installed on the computer only for those who do not have enough space on the phone and run on the device without installing it on the phone.


The WhatsApp application is originally intended for smartphones, but recently there is a great momentum to run it on the user’s computer, due to the ease and ability to activate the phone number on it without the need to scan the barcode, and here is how to run WhatsApp on the laptop without your phone connected to the Internet.

The user needs to install an emulator on the computer in order to run WhatsApp

The user needs to install an emulator on the computer in order to run WhatsApp, as it is, as we mentioned, a dedicated application for smartphones, so the emulator makes you run the application on the computer as if you were running it on a mobile phone, and you will not need to activate your number on it, but you will be able to communicate with contacts as it is on your phone.

Many companies provide emulators, which you can download and install from your computer, most notably the NoxPlayer and BlueStacks application, and here is a summary of the steps to be completed in order to run WhatsApp on the computer without the Internet or without the phone itself.

How to use WhatsApp on your laptop without internet in your phone


The user needs to install NoxPlayer which is one of the best emulators, and by installing and opening it you can run mobile applications on the computer, quickly and efficiently, all you have to do is:

Go to the Google Play Store from your computer or laptop.

Then install WhatsApp on your computer.

Then log in with your account in the application.

You will receive a text message to confirm that you are the owner of the account.

– You must transmit the content of the message that you will receive through your phone.

– You can easily open the application and communicate with your friends without the Internet in your phone or even without your phone itself.

How to run WhatsApp on PC without code

Some of us may have problems opening the WhatsApp account on the computer, due to the request to scan the barcode, because there are problems with the phone’s camera or the application does not recognize the computer when opening the camera, so there is a proven method that enables you to run WhatsApp on the computer without the need to scan barcode, which is:

Download the BlueStacks emulator and install it on your computer.

Go to the Google Play Store on your computer.

Search for the WhatsApp application, download and install it.

By running BlueStacks with WhatsApp, you can run WhatsApp on the computer without having to scan the code.


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