Gucci designs a custom case for Airpods Max headphones at a fantastic price!

The AirPods Max from apple aren’t the most expensive headphones, they sell for $549, and if you have some extra cash, you can get a Gucci Ophidia AirPods Max case, and this is not a regular headphone case, so it comes at a very high price.

According to Gucci’s official website, the Gucci Ophidia case for AirPods costs almost twice as much as the headphones, and sells for $980.

The case comes with beige and ebony GG Supreme Canvas, gold-tone hardware and the iconic Gucci grille in green and red.

You can see everyday objects of lifestyle through the lens of Gucci. This AirPods Max case brings vintage and contemporary together with design elements inspired by the archives. Playing with the contrast between past and present, the interior of the appendix is ​​imprinted with “Hodiernum”, a Latin word meaning “belonging to the present day”. The adjustable shoulder strap adds a versatility note with multiple ways to wear.

Gucci says the case is made of eco-friendly materials, and features a shoulder strap, brown leather details, and a button closure to hold AirPods Max in place. Like many AirPods Max accessories, the Gucci case showcases the AirPods Max canopy, allowing for easy portability.

The American company explained that the new iPhone case consists of two parts: a silicone case that remains attached to the smartphone permanently, and a battery that is magnetically attached to the iPhone so that it can be removed at any time to make the smartphone look thinner.

It’s also clear that Gucci offers a case similar to the standard headphones that retail for $920, and this new headphone is specifically designed for Apple’s AirPods Max

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