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Food and drinks that threaten your health ... Learn about their alternatives - Care Beauty

Food and drinks that threaten your health … Learn about their alternatives


Your health is weak, you are overweight, your pregnancy is delayed, you wear inappropriate clothes, you do not bear your budget for new expenses, your children imitate you in an unhealthy diet, your son cannot exercise due to his weight gain, and so is your daughter .. All these are symptoms of physical illnesses, the first accused In it your kitchen, and to get rid of them you have to eliminate certain habits from your food agenda, and learn about easy alternatives and from your kitchen as well.

Semi-cooked food

Many cannot be sure of the validity, quality and quality of the oils used in grilling foods, which most often lose their nutritional value and turn them into toxins inside the body, and it is better for you to “season” enough quantities for your family to use when needed by the method of grilling or add a small amount of water to them On low heat.

Vegetables and fruits are out of season

Be careful not to harm the health of your entire family as a result of buying vegetables and fruits in time, as they are often hybridized, and it is better for the housewife to freeze

These foods are in large quantities

Medium to use when needed.

Cream cheese

Fatty cheeses are the first enemy to your fitness and health, as the fats in them are concentrated in the area of ​​the buttocks that women hate, and they are a burden on the heart, and they are dangerous for patients with pressure and cholesterol, and it is preferable to replace them with cottage cheese, with the addition of cumin, lemon and parsley, as well as mozzarella cheese because it contains a percentage Medium fat.

Processed meats

Is it possible to buy time bombs with your money and put them in your home refrigerator, to harm your family’s health from the smallest to the largest, of course not, all you have to save part of the household expense is to buy a meat grinder, and learn how to prepare natural meat dishes from one of the famous cooking sites, to make sure The quality, proportion and ingredients of what you will provide to your family.

Confuse of foods

Mixing more than one type of food may cause you many health problems and harm the digestive process, so make sure to provide various foods approximately every 3 hours, and not to combine the two types of proteins or carbohydrates, and after at least two hours, eat a piece of fresh fruit so that the food does not rot in your stomach.

Whipped creams

If your family is a fan of pastries and sweets, this is a natural justification, as whipped creams or cream shanti may negatively affect your health, and it is recommended to replace them with natural molasses, yogurt, labneh, pumpkin, and bread

Brown roaster, they all help you to overcome this problem.

Harmful snacks

Remove “chips and biscuits” from your shopping list, and replace them with popcorn, thermos, chickpeas and raw, not fried nuts.

Or roasted or salted, they are good

Good for health and does not cause weight gain.


Salted appetizers are one of the biggest dangers to the health of patients with stress, the elderly, pregnant women and obesity, so why not replace it with a yogurt salad with cabbage, or “tabbouleh” complete with nutrients, or green salads in shapes that attract your family to eat them