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Remove toxins from the body in this wonderful way - Care Beauty

Remove toxins from the body in this wonderful way


Because of the bad weather that any of us can pass through, which exposes the body to the formation of toxins, and this is due to the fact that there is not enough time for a person to take care of himself or take care of health, and this is due to a number of factors, perhaps the speed of times and lack of time are the most important of them So, in order to keep pace with this world that is full of many events, this exposes our bodies to the accumulation of toxins, and this matter is one of the most dangerous things that cause health problems at a later time, so we must pay attention to the health of our bodies and try to get rid of those toxins that accumulate quickly. As there are some natural and proven methods that are made of bandages consisting of natural elements that help to permanently remove toxins from the body.

The ingredients needed to prepare these dressings are one onion, several cloves of garlic, two cups of pure water, socks, and a piece of sticky gauze.

Steps to prepare dressings that detoxify the body: You just have to put two cups of water in a suitable container, then put them on the stove and leave them until boiling.

Then the garlic cloves are mashed, and then the crushed garlic cloves are placed with the onion in this boiling water. All the ingredients are left together on the stove for ten minutes, then this acetic is left until it cools. After that, a little of this mixture is applied to a piece of adhesive gauze, and then that piece is attached to the bottom of the foot, and then we put on socks.

Note: These bandages are used during the night hours, as it is best to do them before bedtime, in order to leave the bandages for an entire night, and in the morning we remove this gauze, and in the morning the result will be amazing, when the bandages are removed, you will feel more improvement This is because toxins harmful to your body have been absorbed.