Orange peel: integrated pharmacy


When eating some types of fruits, many of us peel them and hurry to throw the peel in the trash, as they are ignorant of the benefits and benefits that exist in those peels, especially orange peels.

Orange has many medical benefits, in addition to what has been known since ancient times that it is an anti-cough and is effective in treating influenza and colds, it has recently been shown that oranges contain benefits, as it is one of the richest foods in vitamins and helps eliminate many diseases such as skin diseases and Reproductive organs, and oranges, in turn, preserve the kidneys and the bladder and aid in wound healing, and oranges work to preserve the heart and vessels because it is a cholesterol lowering, and helps to strengthen the bones and hair, and this fruit regulates the work of both muscles and veins. It works to increase the percentage of calcium in the body, and oranges are considered a strengthening of the nervous and digestive system and work an effective role in treating many cancer diseases and tumors and reducing them. This fruit plays an important role in preserving the integrity of the mouth and teeth, and orange helps remove diseases Gums and mouth and works to strengthen the teeth as it increases the proportion of calcium in the body

In addition to these countless benefits of orange, it has been shown that its peel has many other benefits for the body, skin and hair, and among these benefits orange peel stimulates liver secretions, strengthens and calms nerves, facilitates digestion and stimulates intestinal movement Oranges from cancerous diseases and tumors protect the immune system and help to prevent epidemic diseases. It is used as an appetite suppressant.

Orange peel contains volatile oils, and these oils are easy to extract as they do not need distillation devices like other types of oils, and this oil plays an important role in both

It increases immunity and contributes to killing bacteria and microbes

Helps get rid of gases and expel them

Treats constipation

Contributes to the treatment of GERD

It softens the skin and gives it freshness, especially oily skin

Detoxifies the skin

It helps in treating varicose veins as it works to treat weak blood vessels and capillaries

Antioxidant and prevents the formation and storage of triglycerides

It helps to raise the person’s spirits as it stimulates the nervous system

The beauty of your complexion in orange

Orange and its peel are a medicinal product for the skin in the event of cracks and dry hands, as the substance extracted from orange peel has a similar action to the action of glycerin found in skin preserving products and creams, and maintains the smoothness and luster of the hands.

Oranges and quit smoking

Scientifically proven that one of the effective ways to help smokers who switch to quit that habit is to eat an orange instead of a cigarette, as oranges help to gradually quit smoking

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