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Five herbal drink tested for weight loss in 10 days - Care Beauty

Five herbal drink tested for weight loss in 10 days

Have you tried over and over again to lose your excess weight and lose the accumulated fat?

Your body, especially around the abdomen and in the buttocks, to no avail? You may have been adopted

wrong diet that did not go with the nature of your body, or you may need some

The inner will to continue your journey towards agility that you are tired of as a result of lack of fitness




Your patience with the result, or your lack of reliance on daily exercise

If you are unable to lose weight, you must change your habits

Wrong food, regular and challenging exercise, and a strong internal will first

Before going to any foreign aid. In this article, I offer you, Madam, a drink

The five proven natural herbs for sculpting fat and losing weight quickly and without any side effects

A feeling of falling short of your diet without much effort.

Five herbal drink for fat sculpting and weight loss:


the components:


– A small spoonful of cumin

– A quarter of a teaspoon of marjoram

– A quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon

– A quarter teaspoon of ginger

Lemon juice

A cup of hot water

– A tablespoon of crushed mint


How to prepare:


Mix the five herbs and add to a cup of hot water.


Add lemon juice to the cup, stir and leave for a quarter of an hour.





Filter the drink well and drink it half an hour before each meal, then drink a large glass of water after the drink.


You will notice the difference quickly within 5 to 14 days in your weight and your appetite for food.