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Your skin is 3 shades lighter with Moroccan Clay Cream and Milk - Care Beauty

Your skin is 3 shades lighter with Moroccan Clay Cream and Milk

Women are distinguished by the softness and softness of their skin, which gives them a special feminine luster

When she cares about the health of her skin and always takes care of it, Moroccan silt is one of the most important

Means of skin care at all, which has been known to be used since ancient times

To cleanse and lighten the skin, it removes dirt and dead skin from the skin




Moroccan clay mask with milk is one of the best natural mixtures for lightening and whitening

skin. If you want skin that is 3 shades lighter in 10

days, you should adopt this magic mixture to exfoliate and lighten your body skin

And dark places like knees, elbows, elbow and other areas safely.


Mixture of Moroccan clay and milk:


the components:


A box of Moroccan clay


Grated Dove soap


½ liter of fresh milk





Two cups of rose water


How to use:


Bring a suitable heatable container and heat the milk in it over a low heat, then add the grated Dove soap to it and mix the contents.


Keep stirring until the soap is completely dissolved.


Add rose water and Moroccan clay to the mixture and continue to stir until the ingredients are mixed, then remove the pot from the heat when the mixture becomes creamy.


– After the mixture has cooled, cover and leave in the refrigerator and use when needed.


Use this magic mixture 3 times a week by applying the body and dark places with it before going to bed every day, then showering and washing the cream in the morning.


It is not recommended to store the cream for more than 3 weeks in the refrigerator, and it is preferable to use it fresh.