5 main steps to get rid of back acne

Back pills annoy many girls because they feel like itching

To get rid of them, and often the reason for the appearance of these pills is not known, and here in the  Magazine we will know

The cause of back acne and how to get rid of it in 5 steps. Follow us! We hope you like this topic.


1. Determine the type of grain:


Before anything else, you must determine the type of these pills and whether they are sharp pills or not?,


It is important that you go to visit a specialist dermatologist to find out the cause of the pimples and the way to treat them. The pimples may need some special medical creams, and it may be necessary to analyze a fat farm.


Getting out of the pills and knowing the appropriate type of antimicrobial, if any, as an important step in treating the problem of back acne, whatever its kind, is psychological comfort,


Because stress and shyness increase the imbalance of hormones and then reflect on the skin, and the secret of the freshness of the skin is the internal health of the body.





2. Use an acidic or foaming antiseptic:


There are many different types of it available in pharmacies, where the back is wiped with a piece of cotton and a little of this solution on a daily basis, or according to the instructions provided with the disinfectant, and it can be used


Topical ointments, which are various according to the degree and stage of the problem, including topical vitamin A cream, as well as ointments with a herbal formula composed of (zinc, glycerin, oil


sesame and yellow sulfur).


3. Benzoyl Peroxide Cream:


Apply a light layer of benzoyl peroxide cream with a concentration of 2.5% to 5% on the inflamed area only, and avoid wearing clothes immediately after applying the cream so as not to cause stains.


4. Salt Massage:


The back is massaged with iodized table salt supplemented with turmeric and lemon essential oil (half a kilo of salt + 10 grams of sweet almond oil + 6 grams of turmeric + 50 drops of lemon essential oil).


This mixture works to cleanse the back area, and helps to lighten it by combining the lemon element with turmeric. This combination is used directly before the bath, and the body is then exposed to running water.


Until the skin softens, and the skin is then massaged with a bag (a glove of wool woven from camel hair), and this tradition was used in the baths of the markets in the past to rid the body of dead cells.


The process is once a day, but if you feel a burning sensation, we advise you to stop and rinse the body with water and see a doctor, because you may be allergic to this mixture.


5. Vitamins and water:


You must take vitamin A pills, which are very important and are available in nature in carrots and fish oil, and drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day), and it is recommended to adjust the food so that


Eating more vegetables and fruits and reducing fats, spices and salts.