How to remove excess hair above the lips

If you suffer from excess hair above the lips – mustache – which certainly hides your beauty as a woman, use the following method to remove this mustache in an easy and safe way.




1. Choose a depilatory cream suitable for facial hair, as there are creams that remove hair without pain, and it is better to choose a special cream for sensitive facial skin.




2. Apply a very small amount of cream to a sensitive but safe area, such as the wrist area; To know that it suits your skin. Wait the time recommended on the instructions, then wash it well, then wait again for 10-15 minutes to make sure it does not itch or redden the skin.




3. Apply a thick layer of cream over the upper lip. And remember that the cream needs some time to pass in order to become effective, after applying the cream, wash your hands well with soap and water.






4. Wait for the time recommended in the instructions, then wipe a small amount to make sure there are no problems, we recommend that you wait a little longer than the recommended time.




5. Remove the rest of the cream with a tissue or cotton pad.




6. Wash the cream site well to make sure that all residues are removed in this place. If there are hairs sticking to the cream above the lips and cannot be removed with water, you can make a steam bath. It makes it come out on its own after applying the cream.




7. Manually pluck any excess hair.




8. Apply a soothing cream afterwards (optional). Not to be one of those types that clog pores.