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Fight pimples with ginger - Care Beauty

Fight pimples with ginger

Beauty and perfection… This is what women are looking for everywhere, but the body is not devoid of flaws, as each has its flaws, and among the problems that haunt many women is the appearance of pimples on the face, and because the face is the prominent place in the body, it is difficult to accept the existence of any problems or There are defects in it, so each one seeks to hide these pimples or grains, so we advise you to try this recipe of natural materials to get rid of pimples, which is based mainly on ginger.


To make the ginger mixture, you will need the following ingredients:


Two teaspoons of ginger oil


1/2 cup cocoa butter


Two teaspoons of sesame oil


Two teaspoons of orange juice





Two teaspoons of apricot seed oil


E vitamin oil


How to prepare the mixture


Put the ingredients of the mixture together in a steam bath until completely dissolved, then leave the mixture to cool and put it in the refrigerator


The cream is used twice a day after a good cleansing of the skin.