Aloe vera leaf for perfect skin and attractive hair with guaranteed results

A mask for the skin to get rid of impurities and fat and remove pimples. Two leaves of the aloe vera plant are extracted and half a cup of milk is added to them, left for an hour in the refrigerator before adding drops of wheat germ oil and the mixture is spread on the face and left to dry, then rinsed with water to leave the skin smooth and clear.


The cosmetic expert points out that the aloe vera extract (the gel) can be used in many cases, such as:


Making a lotion from the extract of aloe vera leaves to be applied to the skin before going into the pool, the sea or exposure to the sun.


It is used as an ointment to help heal wounds and remove the effects of scars, eczema, and psoriasis, and an effective treatment against skin pigmentation.


Squeeze 3 of its leaves and put them on a low heat with a cup of water and some drops of “rose water” until the mixture begins to boil and turns into a sticky liquid with which the hair is washed after shampoo instead of conditioner.


Continuous use of aloe vera extract rids the body of harmful and toxic substances and restores the vital balance of its aesthetic rhythm.