Effective Home Remedies To Whiten Dark Feet
Diy remedy for whiten Feet

Have you ever noticed the tan lines on your feet, usually shaped liked your flip-flop? Yes, that’s what we are talking about. After everything our feet endure, they do not get the pampering they deserve. Dark feet is a real issue that many of us face. Our feet generally are the most exposed and uncared for part of our body. All the flip flop day and the beach walks leave our feet even more exposed. Hence, the dark feet.

Today I  brought you an  amazing recipe  that will make you very happy,  especially for  girls who  suffer from blackening of the  feet  resulting from  exposure to  a lot of  sunlight and  not moisturizing them,  which leads to their dehydration and  the accumulation of  dead cells  on the  skin and  change their  color and  thus the  inability to  wear open shoes.
Ingredients: Sugar + olive oil + salt + Vaseline + glycerine oil + lemon juice +  food plastic.
Method of preparation: Mix one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of sugar with  two tablespoons of olive oil,  mix the  ingredients  well and  leave them  aside for  5  minutes.
In  another bowl,  put a spoonful of Vaseline and a spoonful of lemon juice, and  warm it over steamed water for  3  minutes.
How to use: Wash the  feet with  warm water  and then  apply this recipe on them with  a little massage, then wipe with a cloth, and  apply the sugar and salt recipe for exfoliation with  circular  movements from the  outside and the inside, then wrap your  feet in  food plastic, and  leave them for 10  minutes or more, Then wash them with  warm water and moisten them with glycerine oil.