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Eat less without feeling hungry

Many people try to eat less, but they feel hungry and eat unhealthy food In order to reduce food without feeling that you are deprived and starving yourself

Apply some tricks to convince you that you ate a lot, even if you ate less than a quarter of what you usually eat.


– Drink water before eating:


Because water fills the stomach and burns fat (be careful not to drink water immediately after eating because it stops digestion).



– Eating slowly:


The slower you eat, the more you feel that you have eaten… Fast eating makes you eat more and swallow air, which causes stomach bloating.



– Use smaller spoons and plates:


When the plate is smaller, you feel like eating more and get full faster…and the small spoon allows you to eat smaller bites.



Divide the food into two plates:


This means that if you want to eat a smaller amount, dividing your food into two plates in the form of two meals will make you feel that you are eating more.



– Eating until you are full, not satiated:


Instead of eating until you feel full, eat until you feel that it is enough and that you are no longer hungry.



– Eat when you are hungry and not when you crave:


You often feel that you are not hungry, but you want to eat.. That is why you stop eating until you feel hungry.. For example, do not eat until 4 hours have passed since the last meal you ate.

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