8 Things You Need to Do for White Teeth

Do we want the red carpet on our feet with a smile, the fire of 15387 people while looking for a fire, the white teeth that enable us to take the minds of everyone around us? Eveeeeeee. But can toothpastes and brushes give us the life we want? No. Are we going to give up? Neveraaaaaaaaaa..

For the whiter teeth, which we will grin to death while posing, where we will also contract cheek muscle to show 32’s, and what we should and should not do is a small list

Reminder: Brush your teeth. Do not stop brushing no matter how white they are. In the morning, we call those who brush when they leave the house. We know you go to bed without brushing in the evening. Don’t!



Carbonate, which we know as food soda or baking soda, has many functions, but teeth whitening is not one of them. Although it has the ability to whiten your teeth, it can damage your teeth by wearing them out. If you continue to use it, it will wear out the tooth enamel and darken the tooth color.


DO NOT EAT Dark Color Foods


Manhattan dentist Dr Debra Glassman “Do Not Eat” has some very strange foods and condiments on its list. Avoid soy sauce and blueberries, for example, she says. Foods with very dark pigmentations cause staining in the teeth.


DO NOT DRINK an energy drink


In addition to energy drinks, you should also avoid drinks such as tea, red wine and coffee that are likely to leave stains. Some citrus fruits contain the acids in these drinks. But you can consume them without having them come into contact with your teeth with a pipette.


Refresh your toothbrush


You should change your toothbrush regularly. According to Doctor Glassmana “Renew your brush every 3 months, or take a close look at your toothbrush, you should renew it if the bristles of the brush are tilted or slanted down.”

You don’t expect a crooked, worn brush to clean your teeth, do you?


Brush your tongue as well


We’re not just saying brush your tongue for a fresh breath. Brushing the tongue helps prevent stains. Bacteria that accumulate in our tongue cause color changes in the teeth. With a soft brush and long strokes, gently brush your tongue from behind and then rinse.This way you will get rid of the bacteria that have accumulated on your tongue.


Apple cider vinegar rinse your mouth with


Although not as effective as other teeth whitening methods, it is a natural and organic method for a healthy mouth. Rinse a sip of apple cider vinegar with two sips of water into your mouth for about a minute.


Eat raw fruits and vegetables


Foods such as fruits and vegetables are beneficial to both your body and your teeth. Eating nuts, raw carrots, apples and cauliflower will help you get rid of stains on the surface and keep your teeth clean.


After eating oranges, rinse your mouth with water


A complete store of Vitamin C, orange contains acid that is in citrus fruits, just like lemon and misquet, this acid also damages tooth enamel. This can also cause stains on the teeth. Fortunately, there is a cure. If we rinse our mouth with water after eating citrus fruits, we can prevent the formation of stains.

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