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Easy and simple natural mixtures to treat eyelashes loss - Care Beauty

Easy and simple natural mixtures to treat eyelashes loss

A woman who is interested in her beauty and elegance is always looking for everything that is useful to take care of her beauty, and this woman is also keen to use natural products that are free of chemicals that may harm her in one way or another.


Using an eyelash comb brush to apply sweet almond oil to the eyelashes helps in increasing the density and length of the eyelashes, and it will also increase the luster and luster of your eyelashes, so use this wonderful oil to treat the problem of eyelashes falling out and losing their luster and luster.


the milk


The ancient Egyptians used milk to lengthen their hair and increase its density, and you can benefit from milk to lengthen the eyelashes by soaking a piece of cotton with milk and then passing the cotton on the eyelashes, noting the need to close the eyes to protect them while passing the cotton on the eyes.





Castor oil


Beauty clinics use castor oil in the treatment of eyelashes falling out and thickening. You can use castor oil at home to treat various eyelash problems and get thicker eyelashes by using a brush to comb the eyelashes by immersing them in oil and then combing the eyelashes with them. By doing this mask twice a day, you will get Adorable and attractive eyes.




Boil a small onion in a suitable pot with a very small amount of water, and using a piece of cotton, you can feed your eyelashes with the water in which the onions were boiled, but be careful to close your eyes while doing this mask.