Henna mixture to remove hair under the skin in 3 minutes

Women often suffer from excessive hair that grows in an annoying way under the skin, especially in sensitive areas and in the legs, and for this reason we offer you a proven henna mixture that removes hair from under the skin in only 3 minutes, provided that the steps and instructions are adhered to.


This mixture consists of natural henna powder and Sidr plant, which you can get from the apothecary. Mix them together with two tablespoons of henna for one tablespoon of Sidr and a cup of water, so that a cohesive mixture is formed for you to use while showering.


In the next step, wet your body with hot water until your skin becomes damp, then add a little powder to the area where you want to get rid of ingrown hairs. Gently massage the powder into the skin in a circular motion, then rub the powder all over your body. Do not be afraid if the color of the water on your skin turns orange, henna will not cause skin pigmentation, on the contrary, it will improve it.


Leave the mixture on your body for 3 minutes after you finish applying it on the body, then rub the skin with a Moroccan loofah to exfoliate and remove dead skin, and you will notice the difference immediately. Repeat the process 4 times a week and the annoying hair will disappear.