Donkey Milk Soap Benefits: Skin, Face and Hair

Donkey milk soap, which we have heard frequently recently and which has become popular day by day, is actually among the beauty ingredients used since ancient times.

 It is even said that Cleopatra’s skin beauty came from her famous donkey milk baths. Donkey milk is used as a soap for centuries, besides drinking it for health, applying it to the body and even using it in the content of make-up materials, and its benefits are innumerable. 

Read on for all the details about donkey milk, which is considered one of the stars of the skin care world thanks to its moisturizing skin, fighting acne, and containing vitamins, minerals and rich amino acids.

Donkey Milk Soap Benefits: Skin, Face and Hair -2 - Hair Care Beauty

What does donkey milk soap do?

Donkey milk is rich in vitamin E, amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, D, E, Omega 3 and 6. It contains high amount of calcium and 4 times less fat. It also contains retinol, which has anti-aging effects, making you look younger naturally.

When consumed, it strengthens the immune system and helps cell regeneration. It has many different uses as well. In addition to skin care products, it can also be included in the content of make-up materials such as mascara, eyeliner, foundation. One of the most popular uses is soap. Although soaps that are claimed to dry the skin in recent years have lost their former popularity over time, when we look at the 2022 skincare trends soaps are again in the first place among skin care products. We will encounter soaps this season, thanks to changing ingredients, options containing moisturizers, and the spread of correct use. Here are the reasons why you should include donkey milk soap in your grooming routine:

Benefits of donkey milk soap for skin

Donkey milk soap , which has a creamy foam, is in a very soft form. It can cause miraculous effects on the skin, thanks to its countless beneficial ingredients that we mentioned above.

  • Donkey milk has a pH level very close to the pH level of human skin, it helps moisturize the skin and keep the skin’s natural oils in balance.
  • Because it is high in vitamin A, it can help reduce skin irritation. It also helps to repair skin tissue and protect the skin.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and amino acids it contains, it can prevent acne formation. If we remember that acne is formed as a result of dirt and oils filling the pores, it can prevent the formation of acne as a result of completely cleaning the skin and balancing the oil.
  • It is also said to be good for skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Donkey milk soap is recommended for people with such skin diseases. (Of course, every skin type is different and it is useful to consult your doctor before using it on skin diseases.)
  • Donkey milk soap also has a proven anti-aging benefit. With the retinol it contains, it can prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, it can reduce the effects of aging.
  • Donkey milk soap is refreshing for the skin as it contains high levels of protein, phospholipids and ceramides, giving it both soothing and restructuring properties. In other words, the skin can repair itself thanks to donkey milk soap.
  • It can also promote skin regeneration, thanks to its rich composition of high protein levels, phospholipids and vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
  • It also provides protection against possible bacterial infections. If you are constantly touching your skin with your hands, you may be transmitting bacteria from your hands to your face. Donkey milk soap protects your skin against harmful external factors by providing protection against these bacteria.

*You can use it not only on your face but also on your body.


Donkey Milk Soap Benefits: Skin, Face and Hair -4 - Hair Care Beauty

Benefits of donkey milk soap for hair

Although our habit of washing our hair with soap disappeared many years ago, donkey milk soap also has many benefits on the hair.

  • With regular use, it helps to revitalize and shine your hair.
  • By moisturizing the scalp, it provides the moisture needed by the hair and scalp, and thus can prevent the problem of dryness.
  • It can also help prevent dryness-related exfoliation and itchy scalp.
  • The vitamins it contains are also very useful for hair strands and scalp. In this way, it strengthens the hair and even prevents shedding by breaking off.
  • It also helps to open the pores and get oxygen by removing bacteria on the scalp and preventing scalp inflammation.
  • As a result of a healthy scalp, dandruff formation can also be prevented.
  • It helps to achieve voluminous and well-groomed hair.

When we look at all these, as a result of protecting the general health of the hair, it can also encourage hair growth, prevent possible hair problems and allow you to have brighter, livelier, more voluminous hair.

How to use donkey milk soap?

The time for the human body and brain to get used to a product, situation or activity is 21 days. In other words, this means that we adapt to a situation that you have just started as a result of doing and applying it regularly for 21 days. To give an example, you started doing yoga. After practicing yoga regularly for 21 days, your body will accept this situation and enter the poses more easily. This is true in most areas of our lives. To get rid of a habit or to form a new habit. And, of course, to show the effects of a product on you. That’s why you need to use it regularly to increase the effects of donkey milk soap.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with donkey milk soap at least once a day. With the foam you have obtained, apply circular movements to your entire face, neck and even décolleté and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Don’t forget to use your moisturizer afterwards. Likewise, do not forget to wash your hair with donkey milk soap in every shower.