Lash Lifting 101: What is Lash Lifting? How is it done?

Sometimes, no matter how much mascara we apply to our eyelashes, we cannot achieve the length and curl we want.

 Although there are eyelash curlers used for this, it can be annoying that the eyelashes regain their old form and lose their curl within a few hours after use. And of course, eyelashes that can stick together with mascara, clumps of mascara… In short, we may have to struggle for a while to have the long and curled eyelashes that we really want.

 Lash lifting , which has become a popular application recently and keeps the eyelashes curled for a while, is among the trendy beauty applications in the new season.

 Thanks to this semi-permanent application made in beauty centers, you can achieve attractive looks with longer and curled eyelashes for a few months. Also, maybe you can even take a break from eye makeup for a while.

Lash Lifting 101: What is Lash Lifting?  How is it done?  -2 - Hair Care Beauty

What is lash lift?

The purpose of eyelash lifting, in which the eyelashes are curled from the bottom to the end; It is to make your eyelashes look longer and curled for a few months. This application, in which some chemical products are also used, has been frequently preferred by most women in recent years and is considered completely safe. Unlike silk eyelashes, this process, which is done only with your own eyelashes without additions, is also called keratin care for eyelashes

How is lash lift done?

Lash lifting, which has special materials and is made with these materials, consists of several stages and takes an average of 50-55 minutes.

  • The beautician fixes a silicone pad depending on the size of your eye between your eyelashes and eyelid. These pads usually consist of 3 sizes as s, m and l. It is chosen according to your eyelash length and the width of your eyelid.
  • Then the eyelashes are curled on this pad and combed one by one and fixed on the pad.
  • In order for the eyelashes not to cross and stick to each other, separation is done one by one using various tools.
  • A solution is applied to each eyelash by applying a special solution to strengthen this curl.
  • At this point, a cling film is wrapped over the eyes and left for a few minutes.
  • Then a different solution is applied and after waiting, the eyelashes can be dyed. (This is done because the ends of the eyelashes are usually lighter in color. This creates a longer look.)
  • As the last step, keratin is applied and after waiting for a while, the pads are removed and the eyelashes are rinsed with plenty of water.
  • The process is completed by applying maintenance oil.
Lash Lifting 101: What is Lash Lifting?  How is it done?  -4 - Hair Care Beauty

How permanent is lash lift?

Permanence may vary depending on use and the structure of your eyelashes. Eyelash lifting, which is usually said to be permanent for up to 2 months, may persist for 3 months in some people, while others may experience deterioration in 1 month.

Things to consider before lash lift

There are some basic rules that you should pay attention to before having an eyelash lift. It is extremely important that your eye area and eyelashes are clean. Be sure to thoroughly remove your eye makeup before going to the procedure.

Also, if you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove them from your eyes. Let’s not go without saying that the solutions applied to the eyelashes may cause eye irritation.

Things to consider after lash lift

In fact, if you have an allergic body, you may need to think twice before having this application, which is considered completely safe. Or you can find out if it is suitable for you by consulting a beautician. Although cases such as shedding and breaking of eyelashes have not been encountered very often, do not neglect to research the place where you will have the procedure done. The most important part of eyelash lifting is the correct application and the use of the right products.

Do not make eye makeup and do not use mascara for 24 hours after the procedure. Don’t have to worry about washing your face and getting it wet. You can also apply eyelash care oil regularly.

You can also be careful not to sleep face down while sleeping for a few days. When you sleep on your face, the eyelashes can remain under pressure for a long time, and you can cause them to lose their curl.