Does Crying Make Your Skin Beautiful?

We do not know the positive effect of laughter on human health. Many experts encourage people to laugh to live longer and healthier lives. And crying? Crying is a natural and biological process that helps express sadness and other intense emotions. Intense emotions such as anger, unhappiness, and happiness can cause crying. We think of this biological process as a negative one. Crying is pretty good for the soul. Have you ever wondered how this process affects your skin? We have investigated the effects of crying on the skin for you. Come and see the details together.


In situations where we cannot fully express our emotions, we cry to reflect our inner world


Crying is an inevitable process for most people. Dermatologist Melanie Palm says there may be a slight irritation of the skin after bouts of crying. This is because the tear pH is higher than our skin. The pH of the skin is 5.5’ken tears are typically close to 7’. For this reason, although the skin is not affected in short-term crying, your skin may be slightly irritated due to the pH difference when tears are constantly shed. But the important thing here is not only the pH level of the tears. What you do during crying can also negatively affect your skin.


When crying, the veins around the eyes, face and nose begin to expand. This causes redness and flatulence


At the same time, rubbing the eyes during crying increases these bulges more. Experts recommend washing your face with cold water after crying to relieve these symptoms. When you cry, the body starts to lose electrolytes. Therefore, you need to drink plenty to keep the skin moist and reduce irritation.


Rubbing the eyes during crying can cause discoloration under the eye


The eye area is a region prone to dark circles and puffiness. If you constantly rub and wipe your eyes during crying, the under-eye color may begin to darken. In addition, rubbing the eyes increases the risk of getting rid of dirt and bacteria that can lead to infection. So instead of rubbing the eyes, wash your face with cold water and drink plenty of water to regain the moisture it has lost to the skin. From all this information, we can say that there is no connection between crying and beauty. But it is also worth noting that crying relieves and is good for mental health.


Experts say that crying has many benefits on mental health


You may have noticed that you relax after crying. Because crying is the most important way the body copes with pain and intense emotions natural way. After crying, your stress levels drop, your mood improves, and the body begins to secrete endorphins. So it is very important not to hold back your tears.

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