Watch what happens to the burger in your stomach 3 hours after eating it!

Fast food is very popular, and it is certain that lovers of these meals will not be able to easily refuse a large hamburger full of fat!

The problem is that this food is harmful to health and we all know that, but we refuse to be convinced of this matter and stop eating this meal that harms the heart and arteries… but it is delicious, isn’t it?!
Now try watching a video experiment by the Periodic Videos channel on YouTube that shows what happens to a burger after it stays in your stomach for a few hours. Maybe you’ll change your mind and stop eating hamburgers after that!

The experiment was carried out by professors at the University of Nottingham in chemistry, where they placed a fresh burger in a liquid called hydrochloric acid, which is a strong mineral acid that is used in many industrial fields as a chemical substance. It is very harmful and strong to the point that it can dissolve many metals, and before we know the result of the experiment, we see it. Let us first learn about hydrochloric acid:
Hydrochloric acid is considered a hydrogen acid that consists mainly of hydrogen with other elements, but it does not contain the element oxygen. It was discovered in the fifteenth century AD by the Arab scientist Jaber bin Hayyan.

Why was hydrochloric acid chosen?
Make sure that the matter is not random, as this acid is present in our stomach and is part of the digestion process. It is the main component of digestive juice. It is originally a compound that is naturally produced in the stomach and is designed to break down food. Despite its strength, it does not harm your digestive system. The reason is that the stomach does not digest. itself because it is protected by epithelial cells that secrete a sticky substance that prevents the stomach from digesting itself. This substance also maintains balance in order to avoid excessive production of this acid, because it attacks the mucous membrane and leads to its erosion and the occurrence of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum if its secretion exceeds The normal range.

The result of the experiment is surprising and disgusting too!
After three hours of sitting the burger in hydrochloric acid, despite the strength of this acid that we learned about previously, it was not able to break down the burger, and surprisingly, instead it turned into a disgusting black liquid!

It takes about 24 to 72 hours for most people to digest food, but because a burger is rich in fat, it can take up to three days to completely digest it, while fruit salad only takes 30 minutes because it contains fiber and water. This indicates that McDonald’s is true to its claim that burgers and potatoes The fried food can then remain in its original state for six months, as the fat in the burger and cheese is what preserves the food materials and prevents them from spoiling.

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