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The frightening effect of mayonnaise on the human body

Mayonnaise is one of the most delicious additions that some people prefer to put on food. Many may even make it an essential item on the table. Although mayonnaise adds a distinctive taste to food and is loved by many, eating it daily leads to severe disruption and disturbance in the entire body’s arrangements.


This was confirmed by Dr. Heba Essam, a nutritionist, explaining that this defect lies as a result of it containing some elements in certain concentrations that harm the body, and makes it lose the ability to equate them with other important body elements such as Omega 6.


In addition, it has a strong effect on the stomach, especially for those who have health problems that require them not to eat eggs in excess. Knowing that the components of mayonnaise in themselves are harmless, the problem lies in the artificial substances and flavorings added to it, which turn it into an extremely dangerous ingredient.


Dr. Heba continued, “There is no doubt that mayonnaise contains a high percentage of products and fats, which makes it present the body with the strongest possible harm, and its greatest danger lies in the possibility of adding it to all types of food, and its suitability to eat at all times. Excessive use of it leads to the body being exposed to many diseases, such as: The percentage of body fat, its strong effect on the intestines in some patients, and high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

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