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DIY face mask study - Care Beauty

DIY face mask study


Experienced people say that, the face mask should be worn only if it is required, because, even though we don’t know how much the face mask can prevent the disease, this face mask always keeps us better from other diseases. There is a possibility of any kind of disease at any time from outside dust, sand, dirt, etc. Also, when it is difficult to protect oneself from environmental pollution or any disease caused by germs, one should warn oneself. In this case, there is no alternative to using a cotton cloth face mask. However, the use of surgical mask is often done according to the special situation, so in that case, it is beneficial to use a cloth mask made at home in the right way. 

Normally, what we mean by face mask is used for skin care. But, if you buy those facial kits or face masks from the market or make them at home in any way and take care of your skin every day, the beauty of your skin will increase. Buying a more expensive face mask from the market is often difficult, the facial face mask can be easily made at home with the help of some familiar methods. Ingredients: Multani soil with an amount of rose water, or a paste of raw turmeric with milk or milk layers to increase the radiance of the skin. However, after taking care of the skin, if you go out for a long time in the heat of the sun, some bad symptoms like skin disease, dark spots, etc. may occur. In that case, using better sunscreen or toners are good to choose. A mix of milk and honey with some amount of besan paste can also be used to restore the color of the skin, which is used daily to make the skin smooth and radiant. 

Now, there are far more benefits to wearing a handkerchief or a simple cloth mask than to wearing a mask in a scientifically agreed manner. Sometimes it is difficult to use a mask bought from a store or shop, when you need it a lot, because in that case there is a shortage of masks and problem arises. That is why the most valuable thing to protect yourself is to learn. Homemade masks can be of different types, such as cotton layered mask, fabric layered mask etc. With the help of these fabrics sitting at home, DIY face mask can be easily made by sewing machine or by hand. Of course, masks made of synthetic or velvet or plastic will never be accepted. 

Making of DIY(Do It Yourself) face mask is described with the help of simple home methods in following.



Two large pieces of any clean cotton cloth (8 inches long and 7 inches wide) should be sewn in two sides with equal size.



Then the two pairs of pieces of cloth should be inverted on the opposite side of the two sides that have been sewn.



Then take two more pieces of cloth and cut them (4 inches long and 2 inches wide) evenly.



Then hold the two edges of the 7 inch wide and 8 inch long sewn cloth and fold the middle part of the mask with a 1.2 inch gap to draw the stain first with the help of a chalk.



After drawing a total of four spots, the two folds should be prepared through the four spots right along the middle of the mask. Then sew the two sides of the fold.


Step – 6:

After sewing, it should be leveled with the help of an iron. The folds of the 4-inch-long and 2-inch-wide thin cloth should then be folded on both sides of the mask, so that the elastic can be tied to the ears later.



Then using any elastic (used at home) it should be prepared by wearing a mask and tying it to the ear. Then the elastic belt (7 inch long and 2 inch wide) should be prepared for wearing on the ears with the help of sewing.



The 7-inch elastic belt should then be folded well at the two corners of the mask (where a 4-inch-long and 2-inch-sized cloth is attached) so that it can be easily worn on the ear.


The above study will give you a profound idea about DIY face mask making at home.