Details of Dior’s “tough” makeup in Paris


Dior shed light on its show last night at the High Sewing Week Spring-Summer 2020 in Paris on the strong woman, who leaves her magic wherever she goes, and the house was able to draw attention to its more than charming presentation, especially since its idea was derived from Roman civilization.

Prominent eye makeup

Peter Phillips, the creative director of Dior makeup, relied on velvety skin with touches of delicate makeup, highlighting only strong eye make-up, through the sketches of DIOR Diorshow On Stage Liner in Matte Black, decorated with a golden line through the DIOR Backstage Eye Palette. Custom Palette in Universal Neutral.


Peter Phillips wanted to give models a very natural complexion, so he used the DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY PRIMER to soften the skin, then the DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FOUNDATION cream that unifies the complexion and gives the skin a smooth and natural look, and for a final touch, apply the new Dior SKIN FOREVER concealer. To remove any skin blemish.

The lips

The lips were smooth as the lip glosses were relied on in nude shades and close to the skin color, where the DIOR Lip Maximizer was used.

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