For the Twentieth Girl: Your Step-by-Step Beauty Routine


A girl in her twenties may live her best days because she enjoys fresh skin free from impurities or acne and most importantly, free from fine lines and wrinkles, but you should pay close attention to any neglect at this particular stage will make you face many problems after you reach the age of 30, as the skin works in The age of 20 is due to the production of collagen in large quantities, but this does not mean that there are some factors that may affect your skin at the age of 20, including stress, hormonal changes, and failure to follow a healthy lifestyle.

So you have to pay close attention to these tips, and apply them to get perfect skin:

Get enough sleep

In your twenties, you may often feel that you are at the height of your energy, and you will spend a lot of time, whether for studies, or even playing electronic games, or with your friends, but be careful not to stay up and not get enough sleep, as young people from the age of 18 need -25 Sleep is between 7-9 hours a day, and at the beginning of the age of 26 a person’s needs for sleep change, and the ideal number of hours in this age remains between 7 and 9 hours, and some can be satisfied with six hours, and others need ten hours to achieve the required balance.

And remember … not getting enough sleep hours may expose you to dark circles, or fine lines, early on.

Don’t get carried away by cries

In light of our living in the age of technology, social media, and following many beauty and makeup blogs, you inevitably seek to imitate them or put makeup, but remember that applying makeup will expose your skin to the appearance of pimples and acne, and it will also change your skin type, and it may turn into mixed due to The frequent use of different types of cosmetics and make-up at the same time, so we always advise you not to be afraid of the aesthetic trends launched by fashion blogs, as most of them seek to achieve profits as a result of their advertisements for products.

cleaning the skin

Among the important steps for keeping your skin looking fresh at the age of 20 is to clean it on a daily basis using products that suit your skin type, whether it is oily, dry or mixed, or even sensitive, and you should not neglect to remove makeup, and wash the face before you go to sleep.

Drinking water

Among the most important golden tips for getting fresh skin is drinking water a lot, and if you are among the girls who do not remember drinking water during the day, you can download some applications that will remind you to drink water during the day, so make sure to drink two liters of water a day to get adequate hydration Skin and body together.

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