Foods that accelerate skin aging … Avoid them


Skin care requires many important steps, whether through the use of moisturizing creams, application of masks, or skin care sessions in clinics, or even by following a healthy lifestyle, eating important foods that restore the glow of the skin, and provide it with vitamins and important elements

But on the other hand, an unhealthy lifestyle, eating sugars and some processed foods can accelerate the aging process, as skin can appear older than its real age, and the reason for eating these foods that are included in the following list:

Processed meats

In the latest statement, Dr. Tamara Pruntseva, a nutrition expert at the Consultative and Diagnostic Center “Healthy and Sports Nutrition” at FIC Nutrition and Biotechnology, said that processed meats such as mortadella and sausages can accelerate skin aging, in an interview with the Russian newspaper, “Argumente e Facty”. .

As the consumption of this processed meat leads to dehydration and infections. In addition, these products reduce the level of vitamin C in the body, which is an important component for making collagen. Therefore, doctors advise to replace these foods with chicken and turkey meat, or at least reduce their consumption and increase the intake of vegetables.

Soft drinks

They contain large quantities of sugar and oxidizing substances that harm the skin and strip it of its radiance, and soft drinks are among the diuretic drinks, which may cause the skin to lose its moisture.


Despite the many benefits of coffee, consuming large quantities of it may harm the skin, as the caffeine in coffee contributes to the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which is the hormone that increases the level of anxiety, this hormone accelerates skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles, so regular coffee can be replaced with those removed Caffeine, or just drink one cup of your favorite kind.

the milk

Although it contains calcium that is beneficial for bone health, many skin experts advise to stay away from consuming milk, especially for those who suffer from acne and eczema, and it has been noted that people who have stopped eating it have become brighter, and the reason is due to the hormones that milk and its derivatives contain. 

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