Dandruff causes and treatment

Dandruff usually causes itching, especially in adolescence and young adults, however some adults can suffer from it

Causes of crust formation:

1. There are many reasons that cause dandruff, but dry skin is the most famous reason, or diseases that cause dry skin such as eczema or psoriasis.


2. Some people with oily skin who use a lot of cosmetics to take care of it will cause dandruff


3. Skin diseases usually cause crust formation, so if the crust problem does not end with regular treatments, you should go to consult a doctor


4. Excessive reliance on creams and shampoos and changing them constantly, and leaving the hair for a long period without being washed or cared for can cause dryness of the scalp and thus the crust forms




Dandruff usually results in a lot of itching and the fall of some white scales from the scalp, whether during discharge or in normal times. Dandruff originally occurs as a result of the scalp changing skin cells faster than usual.

Symptoms and the possibility of exposure to dandruff usually increase, especially in the winter, when changing the atmosphere from the warm air of the room to the cold outdoor air is a major cause of dry skin.


How to avoid dandruff:

If you suffer from a disease such as psoriasis or eczema, then getting rid of dandruff is difficult, but here are some steps that can avoid itching:


1. Regular washing of the scalp so that it does not exceed twice a week, especially for oily skin that suffers from dust and pollution


2. Make sure to rinse your hair well with water to remove traces of shampoo that can irritate the scalp


3. After washing the hair, it must be combed well so that the scalp is activated so that it nourishes the hair to its ends


4. Falling under severe life pressure can be one of the reasons for exposure to the crust, so try to reduce anger and get rid of life problems first and learn to manage stress


5. One of the most important things that make you avoid dandruff is to give up products that help you get a certain shape of hair, such as fixing products


6. Follow a proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vegetables, fruits and fish



How to treat dandruff naturally:

1. Improving the blood circulation inside the scalp by taking care of combing the hair, as it helps to remove some of the dandruff and reduce itching


2. Keep the scalp clean by washing the hair with a firm anti-dandruff shampoo, not more than twice a week, then massaging the hair with almond oil and placing it inside a cloth dampened with hot water for 15 minutes.


3. Adhering to a healthy diet puts dandruff under control, and it needs you to pay attention to vegetables and fruits


4. It is preferable to wash the hair with a mixture of water and lemon juice, as it will not only get rid of dandruff, but also give your hair a healthy and shiny

5. If you suffer from dandruff greatly, you can use baby oil to massage the scalp before bed and then in the morning wash the hair with shampoo and you need to repeat this process until you get rid of the dandruff, as it is expected that you will get rid of it within a month if you follow this process


6. There is an Indian method that can be useful in treating dandruff, which is to put a mixture of olive oil and lemon on the scalp before bed and wash it in the morning.