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Consanguineous marriage causes infection with the “B” virus!!

A news portal was exposed to discussing the “A, B, and C” virus, to find out its causes, ways to prevent it, and how to treat it.

Moanes said that the "B" virus is concentrated in Upper Egypt due to the high rate of consanguineous marriage, and that it is transmitted from parents to children easily.



Moanes stated that the “A” virus is infected by the patient through contaminated food, and there is no danger from it, and its treatment is easy and fast, and the patient feels it and its symptoms immediately after infection. As for the danger, it lies in the “B” virus, which is transmitted very easily from one individual to another and is concentrated in Upper Egypt due to inbreeding.




He explained that his treatment is tablets, the price of which ranges between 100 to 200 pounds, and it is an Egyptian drug that is readily available, and the danger of the B virus lies in that it leads to liver cancer without going through the stage of fibrosis, while the virus C goes through the stage of fibrosis first and then turns into liver cancer.


He stressed a grave mistake that doctors in Upper Egypt made, and he started treating the virus without meeting certain conditions, which are that the liver enzymes must be high, and also the PCR exceeds the 2000 d.

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