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The right diet to deal well with the stress of daily life

The right diet to deal well with the stress of daily life

Many of us are exposed to a lot of pressure during daily life and the last thing you want is that food is also a burden on your daily life because daily stress makes you consume a lot of your energy, which makes you hungry and puts your muscles and heart in constant tension



At the time when you are resisting to get what you want before the end of the specified time, you put your body in a constant war and consume energy and food inside your body, which affects your mood, strength and endurance, so your food must support your day, which gives you the required strength, but how??? This is what we will offer you:


the breakfast:

How to start your day gives you an impression of how to deal with its requirements. A high-protein breakfast that contains eggs, cheese, meat and nuts will provide you with the nutritional components you need, which will help supply your body with energy. It is also preferable to add fruits to give your body the relaxation needed to deal with daily stress.




the lunch:

Lunch should contain a variety of vegetables, as much as possible, and should contain protein in an appropriate amount. This is a good and satisfying lunch for your body and provides it with everything it needs. Protein increases your endurance and stimulates your body to raise your energy level, and lunch should contain healthy fats. Such as olive oil, nuts and grains, they help to stabilize the level of serotonin, which keeps you from a bad mood.



Fast food:

Do you need snacks in the middle of the day?

If you are, you should eat nuts or fruits, as they keep your blood sugar stable and provide you with magnesium and omega proteins.



And imagine that celery is also one of the snacks, it helps you calm down during the day, as it stimulates the parasympathetic nerve, which gives calm to the nervous system, and it is used in sedative and sleep aids, and it resists high blood pressure, as it is comfortable for the stomach, full of useful nutrients, and most importantly, it is free of calories



After a long and hard day, your body needs to relax, so it is preferable to fill your dinner plate with green vegetables that help replenish the minerals lost during the day. It strengthens immunity against diseases

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