Cucumber face mask recipe

Cucumber is one of the most important foods that can be used to make a healthy and very useful mask for the skin as it moisturizes the skin and its components help treat acne and sunburn, as the cucumber contains the mineral silica that helps rejuvenate the skin and strengthen the connective tissue and thus helps maintain Skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle.

And the benefits of cucumber also that it maintains skin moisture due to its high water content. In addition, it is a good source of vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help give the skin a healthy and younger appearance and also helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

This cucumber mask also contains aloe vera, lemon and rose water, and aloe vera is also an important component in the renewal of skin cells and combating wrinkles, and is good for treating acne and sunburn.


Lemon juice and rose water also have a more wonderful effect on the skin due to their richness in antioxidants. Below we will show how to make and use a cucumber mask for the skin to prevent the appearance of wrinkles

First: the components of the cucumber mask method

 Half a cucumber – aloe vera gel – lemon – rose water

Second: Steps to apply a cucumber mask

1- Peel half of the cucumber

2- Then cut it into small pieces

3- Then mix them with a mixer

4- Add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel to them

5- Then add half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to them


6- Then add half a tablespoon of fresh rose water

7- Now mix these ingredients together well with a blender

8- Thus, the cucumber holder is ready for use, use it as follows:

Wash and clean your face and neck well, then dry them with a towel

Then put the mask on your face

– Leave it for 20 minutes

– Remove the mask and rinse your face with cold water

Repeat it once or twice every week and keep it up.


Important: This face is not suitable for sensitive skin due to the fact that it contains astringent substances


Instead of using a blender, you can use a fork to crush the cucumber pieces

You can add a spoonful of honey to this mask for extra hydration

Make sure to include cucumber in your diet constantly, because this is also beneficial for the health and hydration of the skin

– Korean researchers have proven that taking aloe vera gel also helps support the health and freshness of the skin and resist wrinkles. Therefore, you can eat a quarter of a spoonful of aloe vera gel daily for a few months..and do not increase the amount because aloe vera has a laxative effect

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