What is hair botox, how is it used, its benefits

Hair Botox is one of the industrial alternatives to maintain the health of hair with chemical treatment. In this article, we try to introduce you to more hair Botox and explain what hair Botox is and does it have side effects on your hair and what are the advantages? Why has hair botox become popular lately, and does this treatment save you more money?

When you suffer from dryness, hair dullness or lack of hair moisture, some advise you to try hair botox, as it is an effective way to give your hair more moisture through the use of products and moisturizing treatment that restore hair vitality and a feeling of better hair.


What is hair botox?

Hair Botox is one of the hair treatments and cosmetics that aims to achieve intense hydration of the hair and restore the hair’s luster. It also helps repair damaged ends and restore moisture lost by hair. Botox is not like keratin or other procedures that modify the hair wave and change its structure. On the contrary, it acts as an alternative to repairing the damage caused by other methods, especially chemical hair straightening treatments

It is very necessary to understand that hair botox will not change the shape of the hair, but leads to an improvement in the condition of the hair in general.

How is Botox injections applied to the hair?

Hair Botox is sold in the form of ampoules found in stores specializing in the sale of cosmetics, and you can apply it in the beauty salon or at home. The same procedure must always be done. Work to wash the hair with shampoo and then work to get rid of moisture through the use of a dryer. Applying the product through injections and waiting for a minute while wearing a thermal hat and hot steam that is applied to your head. It is taken off when the product is removed with water and the hair is dried and ironed. It is not recommended to use the iron so as not to penetrate the scalp and you can wash the hair with your favorite shampoo.

How does hair botox work?

Hair Botox treatment is mainly used to repair damaged hair by using a complex consisting of caviar oil, vitamin B5, vitamin E and collagen, simply works to nourish stressed hair and get rid of dry hair.

Moreover, Hair Botox, unlike other hair treatments such as keratin, does not use chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Why do you need to use hair botox?

This treatment has both long-term and short-term benefits. So, let’s face it, this treatment takes no more than 45 minutes. If you suffer from dry hair and are preparing for a wedding or have a special occasion and need to have soft hair, you can use it.

It restores your hair to its youth and does not require you to go to the beauty salon a lot, as its results last for more than 6 months.

Also, this treatment is suitable for different hair types as well as curly hair, as it provides a moist and healthy environment to get the right hairstyle for you.

Although this treatment has become very popular and is widely used. However, not everyone should start using it, and it is best to consult a doctor first, and preferably a specialist. why is that ? It mainly depends on what type of hair you have, because what applies to one type of hair does not apply to the other. Also, Botox contains acidic compounds that may not give the same results, because it depends on the sensitivity of the hair.

It is not recommended to use excessively and specialists recommend using it every 6 months to maintain the health of the hair. It is also preferable to always search for hair products that do not contain sodium sulfate.

Hair Botox Benefits According to Jorve Garg, a dermatologist in Delhi:

The main effect of hair botox is the smoothness of the hair and making it softer and capable of cleaning and combing.

You can have soft hair that glides between your fingers.

Getting rid of brittle hair.

Negative Effects of Hair Botox:

The presence of an excess of oil in the scalp as a result of applying the product directly to the scalp.

It can lead to skin sensitivity.

What are the effects of hair botox?

The main effect of Botox on the hair is to give the hair softness, make it smoother and make it easier to clean and comb. Until you get smooth hair that slides between your fingers. Also, the hair looks shiny and shiny and you notice an improvement in the brittle ends of the hair looking healthier than before. In addition to these benefits, hair botox stimulates hair growth, especially for those who suffer from alopecia areata.

What are the side effects of hair botox?

Hair Botox has more positive side effects than negative ones. However, the side effects of Hair Botox include the effect on the scalp due to an excess of oils and this happens because Hair Botox ampoules are applied directly to the scalp and not the hair. Another side effect that can occur is allergic reactions, and allergic skin reactions differ from one individual to another.

Therefore, hair botox treatment has its pros and cons and you should check about the beneficial uses of hair botox treatment.

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