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Get rid of dark circles under the eyes with this natural mixture

If you are looking for a natural mixture to remove the blackness under your eyes? And you want to get rid of the blackness that appears under the eyes naturally and safely? Here is this natural mixture that helps you treat blackness under the eyes easily and without any side effects.


Ingredients of the mixture to remove dark circles under the eyes:


• 1 teaspoon yeast


• a teaspoon of starch


• Half a tablespoon of olive oil mixture


• Half a tablespoon of sesame oil


• Half a spoon of well-made honey


How to prepare the mixture:


Mix yeast, starch with olive oil, sesame, and honey, then put the mixture on the area under the eyes without touching the eyelids for 30 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water.


Repeat this mixture to remove the blackness under your eyes for 3 weeks and you will feel a noticeable improvement in this area.


Try the mixture now and don’t forget to tell us about its results on your skin, share your opinion



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