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COVID 19 - When Will This End & How!? - Care Beauty

COVID 19 – When Will This End & How!?


Year two thousand twenty was supposed to be the year of everyone’s life. Just as the new year rolled in so did a very Fatal Virus, this was the start of the nation’s year. Immediately everyone nationwide was in complete and utter panic, not knowing how long this was to last people started to stock up on survival supplies. Just about every store was being cleaned out in fear we would run out of recourses, little did we know we were the cause of the shortage in resources. How you may ask, well everyone’s opinion is different my opinion of the shortage is that instead of calmly stocking up and savoring the bit we had we rushed in fear and almost ran out. The world has adjusted to the current world crisis were in there has been a few changes that some are great with but others not so much. One of the changes we face is social distancing that I find Is the hardest part about covid. We are so used to being able to go meet up with friends family etc. to make memories have fun times and enjoy life but now our fun has come to a pit stop. We are now limited to only a few people to a gathering, people who live a far distance from family members are having trouble getting to their loved ones. The second change I find we are facing is everyone now has to wear masks to contain germs from spreading to others, I personally don’t have any problem with wearing a mask to prevent me from spreading or receiving germs. Now for people with chronic health condition’s they seem to be having a lot of troubles with the masks, it makes living life even more difficult. For example a person with asthma may experience extreme symptoms of asthma attacks if heard from many people who suffer with chronic asthma or bronchitis feel like they are suffocating but when removing the mask due to their medical situation they are getting extreme backlash. A true story the happened to my cousin and I at a Tim hourtons. So one morning me and my so in decided we were going to walk to Tim’s which was 5 minutes from where we lived. As we got up to the door my cousin  noticed that she didnt bring a mask, but we when inside ro order anyways. My cousin covered her mouth and nose over with her hoodie then proceeded to order. As she was ordering she the cashier was finding it hard to hear her. At the same time she was having a hard time breathing not due to covid due to a chronic lung condition called asthma. On top of her having asthma she also suffers with bronchitis which makes it even harder to breath. So she removed her hoodie from her face a finished ordering she then paid for her order and waited patiently. Instead of a worker bringing her order the manager did, we were shocked. As he handed my cousin her order he said next time wear a mask. My cousin then tried to explain her medical reason for not wearing a mask, the manager gave extreme attitude handed her order and to her not to come back then walked away. Nothing was done the second time we went to the same Tim’s once again the manager came out and had an issue because my cousin still never had a mask on so he tried to refuse to give her the order. After minutes of arguing which felt like hours finally ended we walked away with our order. As we were walking out the door a lady spoke up and asked why he was giving my cousin such a hard time. I explained how she was unable to wear a mask do to medical reasons and to my surprise the lady told the manager how he was being unfair, he didnt care. Although what the lady said didnt change anything It was definitely appreciated for her actions. Everyday I watch the news hoping and praying we will find a cure before the fatal Virus wipes out the human race.