Corona virus, coronavirus disease  

Corona virus, coronavirus disease





Synonyms: coronavirus disease, coronavirus

Infection with corona virus


the definition :


An acute viral respiratory disease that affects all ages.




Corona is called coronavirus or human coronavirus.


These viruses are called coronaviruses because they appear under a microscope in the form of a corona or crown This group of viruses causes mild to moderate respiratory infections in humans

It also causes diseases in the animal’s respiratory, nervous and digestive systems

It is worth noting that other strains of coronaviruses include the SARS virus


Spread of disease:


The disease is transmitted through contamination of hands, respiratory droplets, and direct contact with the patient’s fluids, secretions, and small air particles.

The virus enters through the membranes of the nose, throat, pharynx, and trachea



Pathological case

The most important symptoms of the disease are:


1. Normal (normal) temperature.

2. Rhinitis with watery discharge.

3. Sneezing.

4. Head pain.

5. Cough.

6. Pain in the throat.

7. Muscle aches.


The illness lasts for several days and sometimes two weeks.


Prognosis of the patient’s fate:


The patient’s condition improves and he recovers automatically without any treatment.




No complications of the disease were recorded.




The disease is determined only by laboratory viral analysis (as is known).


Differential diagnosis:


We distinguish this disease from other acute diseases of the respiratory system.


treatment :


There is no specific treatment for the disease, the symptoms are controlled with known medications.


protection :


1. Isolate the injured person and avoid contact with him.

2. Wear a mask to prevent the virus from leaking through the air into the body.

3. Stay away from moisture and ventilate and heat homes well

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