Developing memory abilities  

Developing memory abilities





There are a number of effective elements that help to achieve mental excellence through a strong and constantly growing memory – namely: Attention: which occupies an important position in the approach to developing and developing memory… Attention works in a way of selecting the topics and things that you want to remember, so it is directed strongly and effectively. Towards him and you would like to live with her, and he will draw your attention to her and arouse your interest in her.

Every human being needs to be attentive at some point, and needs a highly sensitive mind in certain circumstances – and it is known that the mind is in a state of full attention to the things that we love, and from here any human being can raise the degree of sensitivity and attention in the mind if he learns how to love things. Which he wants to memorize, either for its own sake or because it is associated with something that he loves and is drawn to. In contrast, a person can accurately remember what frightens him and arouses fear within him – and those who participated in – or witnessed – a specific incident are well aware of this.




Perception is linked to the senses that a person has, and to the organs of these senses, such as: the eye – the ear – the nose – and the skin. If you look at something, the sense of sight is activated – and you can make it turn into a process of observation if you direct a greater degree of focus and attention to it. The same thing happens with the sense of hearing, as the process of listening can turn into a process of deep listening if you direct your full attention and intense concentration to it. Thus, you can learn how to observe and listen to activate the sensitive sense until you can achieve this – and the training here is easy and accessible. Because it stems from nature itself.


The power of concentration


Try to listen to all the voices that woke you up early, a voice… a voice… and you will find a surprise!! You have been living in the same place for several years – and yet you have not discovered these sounds – the chirping of birds… the voices of vendors… or the neighbors – as if you are hearing them for the first time… only; You must learn to listen…and you will hear many sounds that you may not have heard before…try to make your attention sensitive…and your observation good and sharp…and day after day…your memory will become better thanks to this awareness that comes from the senses.


Perception and sensation


There are scholars who say: Perception is more complex than sensation. It goes beyond the limits of discrimination by the senses; To include monolithic phenomena and complex sensory experiences that lead to understanding things accurately. Accordingly, perception deals with the most complex functions, such as: perceiving shapes and the relationships between them. It also deals with cognitive functions and processes that help a person receive information, whether this information is fixed or variable. Using all senses

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