Your body within 24 hours

During the daily 24 hours, the body goes through various changes.

The following points explain this difference:



From (7) am until (8) am/


Energy is low, joints are softer than ever before, and the person is vulnerable

For a herniated disc, due to the absorption of fluid between the vertebrae of the spine during the night.

People are also at risk of heart attacks at this time, because blood pressure is high

The heartbeat is faster, and the blood is thicker

The person becomes more susceptible to stress and muscle fatigue

This time is characterized by the “digestion process,” as the digestion process is more efficient in the morning than at any other time

Another reason is that a person should eat his food in the morning and be confident in terms of burning calories.




From (9) am until (12) noon/


The mind is present and at the peak of its activity, and the mind is at the peak of concentration, and here the person must do everything

Work that needs focus.





From (1) to (3) p.m./


This is an appropriate time to rest because the level of adrenaline in the blood decreases, as does the body temperature

Mental efficiency is lower at this time.

However, the remote memory remains active, so some tasks that require it can be performed at this time

Mentally exhausted and dependent on memory, they can also go to the dentist because the degree

The feeling of pain is less during the day





From (4) to (7) pm/


The joints are stronger and the person has strong energy, endurance, control and control

On his body and coordination between the movement of his muscles, which increases his ability to do physical exercise

This contributes to the secretion of a large amount of sweat, which leads to the elimination of toxins from the body.




From (8) pm until (12) pm/


The level of adrenaline decreases and the heartbeat begins to calm down to prepare the body for sleep.

The bronchi narrow in this period, which leads to shortness of breath, so…

People with chest allergies or asthma should take the medication before bed.




From (1) after midnight until (7) in the morning/


Those who suffer from joint diseases should take care of themselves by taking appropriate treatment

Its effect extends into the morning when the joints are weak and need internal support.

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