Champissage: Indian scalp massage.

In terms of therapeutic massage, there is what is called champissage. This practice, which came straight from India, is still little known, but already very popular with followers.

The definition of champissage

Champissage, also known as Indian skull massage, is an Indian tradition intended for therapeutic purposes. Pressure is exerted on important points of the skull over the entire surface of the scalp, but also on the ears, neck, face and shoulders. The objectives of champissage are to restore the balance of energy following stress and achieve relaxation in a very short time. However, the scalp massage should be done by professionals as an increased knowledge of the points and an adequate level of pressure are required. Certified therapists then deepened their knowledge from specific studies in the field.

The advantages of champissage

Champissage has many advantages. First of all, the practical advantages are not negligible. Indeed, there is no need to undress as long as the rest of the body is not affected. Then, the draping does not require infrastructure or bulky equipment, a chair is sufficient for the masseur to comfortably reach the part to be massaged. But the most important in the field are its therapeutic properties. It reduces stress, relieves tension and promotes the circulation of energies in the nervous system. Champissage is comparable to reflexology where stimulated acupuncture points, which are nerve endings, affect the whole body.

The progress of the champissage

Before starting, an exchange is made between the massé and his benefactor. This aims to put him in confidence and relax him a minimum before the session. Once the patient is properly seated, preferably in a seated position, the massager can begin. Generally, the massage is carried out with the application of an oil, but this is not essential. The massage begins with the hair before extending over the face and ears, then the neck and shoulders. More or less pressure is applied depending on the affected region. Even a simple touch may have an unexpected effect. Before the end of the session, the masseur returns to the scalp and brushes the hair, stretching it strongly. A 20 minute rest is necessary after a draping for the therapy to be effective.

The physical benefits of this Indian scalp massage:


  • specific and general relaxation (of the muscles)
  • releases chronic tension and stiffness.
  • loosens knots and nodules (fibrous adhesions).
  • disperses toxins and improves oxygen supply to tissues and the brain.
  • stimulates and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.


  • relaxes the scalp (which is tense due to emotions and excess stress).
  • stimulates microcirculation and tones the subcutaneous muscles (which relieves headaches and improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands).
  • promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff (5.6 sessions), premature graying and hair loss.
  • improves eye pain or fatigue, tinnitus, sinusitis and sinus congestion, insomnia and poor sleep


  • Restores mobility and movement of joints (by stretching and mobilizing tissues)
  • Releases tensions and aches (ex. Jaws)

BENEFITS at the MENTAL level:

  • Brings a feeling of calm, peace and quiet
  • Soothes anxiety, mental fatigue, irritability, stress, depression, etc.
  • Clarifies thought, improves concentration, makes you more alert


  • Balances the energy of the chakras
  • Removes stagnant energies and revives the energy available at all levels
  • Provides general energy well-being.
  • People with the following disorders cannot receive Champissage:
  • drunk
  • food poisoning
  • sick or high fever
  • recent victim of an accident, injuries or operations
  • acute infectious disease
  • medical treatment for serious illness
  • blood pressure problem
  • infectious / contagious dermatological disorder
  • acute inflammation
  • aneurysm

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