Can you lose weight without diet?

A difficult and funny question, and some may find it impossible, but it benefits us all. Who among us does not hope for a magic solution that reduces weight without resorting to diet with its troubles and costs. what we eat? In this sense, the diet means “diet” imposing restrictions on foods, for example the Atkins diet, which restricts the amount of carbohydrates we eat, and the weight watchers diet, which limits the calories we get daily. As for the “cabbage soup” diet, it determines the amount of food in general.

But there is an opinion that says: Get rid of all restrictions and prohibitions and eat as much food as you like. There are no taboos, but there are alternatives. For example, you can replace the few fatty meals with small, easy-to-prepare and inexpensive meals. Nevertheless, we are eager to see an advertisement like this so that we can run after it:

Drink this solution and you will lose a pound every day.

This exercise for two minutes a day will lose weight.

The secret of the herbs that lose weight, and the doctor hides its name from you.

Eat this food and you will not fall into the arms of the “diet” after today.

The fact of the matter is that your body is a very complex machine and no mechanism works in a vacuum, so it is difficult to assume that if you do “keet” this will happen.

Most diets are based on a specific introduction, such as if you burn more calories, you will lose more weight, and this hypothesis seems incorrect because 80 ¯ 95 percent of these diets fail within a year.

Experiments have indicated that there are various factors involved in the process of gaining and losing weight. One of the studies was applied for a period of 5 weeks to men and women who were given carbohydrates “light biscuits and some simple foodstuffs.” The result was that the men lost their weight, while the women increased their weight, as there are many factors It interferes with gaining and losing weight, including adequate sleep, the differences between men and women, and the hormonal activity of each of them. Calories are beneficial to the body’s energy and there is no sense in reducing them sharply, and we must be careful in that. Consuming protein in the form of calories is better than eating carbohydrates and turning them into Calories.

So it depends on the following:

What are you eating.

¯ Eating times.

¯ The amount of this food.

¯ Sleep style.

¯ Daily stress.

¯ Toxins in the body.

¯ Hormones.

What you need to do:

Strengthening the secretions of the growth hormone “HGH” and reducing the secretions of the hormone cortisol, and the most important thing is exercise and the rate of metabolism.

Think about this issue:

If you get 3,500 calories per pound of fat and start maintaining your weight, then reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories per day, and within a week, the result will be 7 days / 500 calories, then you will burn a pound of fat.

But think about gaining the weight back.

The bottom line is that you eat what you want in moderation, and choose vegetables and fruits to be more present in your dishes with exercise and you will get rid of excess weight gradually and steadily, and do not expose yourself to harsh diets.

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