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A mixture to get whiter and smoother knees - Care Beauty

A mixture to get whiter and smoother knees

The appearance of some dark spots on the knees and elbows is one of the most annoying things For many women, these spots distort the beauty and attractiveness of the skin

On knees and elbows that are more pure and soft, try this natural mixture

Which  Women Magazine offers you in this article to enjoy smoother skin




Attractiveness so follow us and tell us your opinion.


the components:


A tablespoon of coarse salt


A tablespoon of coarse sugar


Lemon juice


A spoonful of almond oil





A tablespoon of coconut oil


A spoonful of olive oil


How to prepare:


1- To exfoliate and lighten the skin, mix salt, sugar and lemon juice in a suitable container, then massage the areas to be softened in the knees and elbows for 3 minutes.


Or until the sugar and salt have completely dissolved.


2- Wash the knees with warm water to get rid of the salt and sugar residue.


3- To soften the skin, mix the natural oils in a suitable container and bring a piece of clean medical cotton to wet the cotton with the mixture.


4- Massage the skin of the elbows and knees with the cotton soaked in the oils until you make sure that the oils cover the area you want to soften.


5- Wait 30 minutes, then wash your knees and elbows with water to enjoy smooth and white skin.