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Calories in American coffee - Care Beauty

Calories in American coffee


Once American coffee spread in America, this drink moved all over the world, but many people wonder how much calories are in American coffee especially if they follow a certain diet.

This article reviews the calories in American coffee with highlights of the benefits and how to prepare it at home and the difference between American coffee and Italian coffee.

American coffee. how many calories?

Each 3.38 fluid ounces of American coffee contains only 2 calories, which is considered an ideal rate, but requires no sugar to be added to the coffee.

When you add sugar or whipped cream to American coffee, the calorie rate is completely different, ranging from 100 to 300 calories.

The benefits of American coffee

American coffee has many benefits for health, most notably:

American coffee helps to eliminate the problem of anemia by raising the number of red blood cells inside the body.

American coffee expands blood vessels and blood flow in the arteries as it cleans the walls of the arteries so that the blood passes and reaches all body systems smoothly.

American coffee resists the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles that most women complain about when they age.

American coffee includes antioxidants, making it an ideal solution to fight cancer and free radicals.

American coffee increases memory power while contributing to increased concentration so it is preferred by a large number of students during the study and study period.

The caffeine content in American coffee helps treat nerve infections while improving peripheral nerve response.

American coffee regenerates liver cells in addition to its ability to prevent fibrosis by restoring liver enzymes to normal functioning.

American coffee improves mood and gives the body a feeling of comfort without anxiety or tension so it is preferable to eat it after waking up.

Containing American coffee minerals and nutrients that treat diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

The method of preparing American coffee at home

When wanting to brew American coffee at home should prepare:

Two tablespoons of American coffee.

Two glasses of water.

2 tablespoons of sugar to your liking.

The right amount of milk when you need it.

The difference between American coffee and Italian coffee

The emergence of American coffee dates back to World War II when American soldiers were in Italy, and they needed to dilute the Italian coffee served to them.

American coffee is an Italian coffee but is lighter and not classified as a latte, and can be eaten at any time, unlike Italian coffee that can not be eaten after ten in the morning.

At the end of this article, having explained the calories in American coffee, its benefits and how to bring it, we advise not to over-drink it especially for pregnant women and children.