Botox treats depression

Botox treats depression


Prepared by: Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Nasser Al-Sadhan, Consultant in Dermatology, Skin Surgery and Laser Therapy


A recent study showed that Botox injections not only remove expression wrinkles, but are also an effective treatment for depression.


Researchers at Hannover Medical College in Germany divided the patients into two samples, the first was injected with Botox and the second was injected with a placebo. After two weeks, they found that the people who were injected with Botox became less likely to suffer from depression, and the symptoms of the disease decreased six weeks after they received the injections. Then there was more improvement in them when the study ended after 16 weeks, while the improvement that occurred in the group that received a placebo was Slightly.


The researchers confirmed that treatment with Botox had few side effects and was safe, because the effect of a single injection lasts several months. It is known that Botox is a protein substance produced by bacteria. There are multiple uses for Botox injections in the fields of dermatology and cosmetics, including removing expression wrinkles and getting rid of excessive sweating.

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