Is insomnia linked to heart health?

Is insomnia linked to heart health?


Prepared by: Dr. Khaled Abdullah Al-Nimr, Consultant in Cardiology, Computed Tomography and Nuclear Imaging


If the three signs of insomnia occur in a person, he must monitor his heart health, which are as follows: The first: Difficulty falling asleep. The second: Difficulty staying asleep. The third: The quality and degree of sleep are uncomfortable, so the person wakes up still wanting to continue sleeping. Despite sleeping seven hours or more…a study was recently published in the European Journal of Cardiology, Issue 35, Volume 21, 2014, conducted on 1,412 people who were followed for 11 years. It was found that people who have the three signs of insomnia are 50% more likely to have heart failure in the future. % if it is not dealt with and its causes are found and then those symptoms are treated.. The percentage decreases the less the three signs of insomnia occur.


The bottom line: Every person should not neglect the symptoms of insomnia, whatever they are, especially chronic ones. Rather, he should discuss with his doctor the causes of these symptoms and treat them as soon as possible.

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