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Beyond bad mood and lack of enthusiasm for life

I will now mention the common food-related imbalances that may harm your mood and enthusiasm.




• Blood sugar imbalance (often accompanied by intake of stimulants and excess sugar).




•  Nutrient deficiency (vitamin B3, B6, folate B9, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, essential fats).




•  Deficiency in tryptophan and tyrosine (which are converted into neurotransmitters).




•  Allergies and allergies (i.e. a rapid or unusual body reaction to something).

Poor blood sugar control is one of the factors that underlie most cases of depression. Maintaining blood sugar can only be done by eating small amounts of meat and unprocessed foods, including proteins and fibers, at every meal, and by taking a mixture of B vitamins and chromium.




The most promising nutrients for improving mood are vitamins B3, B12, folic acid B9, then vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, and essential fats. It was shown in a study conducted at the British Imperial College that giving regular drug treatment in addition to folic acid to people who had a low rate Their level of folic acid B9, or their level at the edge, greatly accelerated the misery of depressed patients . In this research, it was found that a third of those suffering from depression and other psychological disorders suffer from a deficiency in folic acid. It has also been shown that giving vitamin C helps these patients recover. .

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