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Fish meat to treat rheumatism

A rheumatism patient needs to be aware of the type of acids that enter his body, as experts recommend foods rich in Omega 3, while foods rich in saturated acids such as red meat should be reduced, in addition to stopping smoking.

The German website “heilpraxisnet”, concerned with medical news, quoted Jörg Wendler, a member of the German Association of Rheumatologists, as saying that Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation, which in turn affects the joints, and is therefore recommended for patients with rheumatism. Fish, as well as soybean oil and nut oils, are rich in omega-3.

At the same time, the expert advised that rheumatism patients avoid foods rich in saturated fats, such as high-fat dairy products or red meat, because they increase inflammation and thus negatively affect the joints. Rheumatism patients should not completely abandon these foods, but it is important to achieve a balance between the different types of acids that the patient consumes.


At the same time, Swedish experts stressed the need to quit smoking for rheumatism patients, as a long-term study showed that some substances in cigarettes stimulate inflammation and thus negatively affect the joints.

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