Beware the mistakes of applying makeup after the age of thirty to be more beautiful

Beware the mistakes of applying makeup after the age of thirty to be more beautiful

After the age of thirty, the skin looks completely different from its predecessor, so there are special methods and instructions that must be followed when applying make-up after the age of forty. Below we will make some mistakes to learn how to avoid the mistakes of applying make-up

Make-up mistakes


1- Do not stop using makeup, as makeup helps you appear younger by about 10 years, because it hides signs of fatigue, stress and wrinkles from your face as well.

2- Avoid using an expensive foundation because it is heavy, which makes it show any folds or wrinkles on your face, and look for liquid types that are more suitable for you.

3- Do not apply the foundation cream all over your face, but rather apply it to some areas only, such as reddened areas and dark spots.

4- Try to use cosmetics specially formulated for dry skin so that you keep your skin moisturized all the time and eliminate dryness in it.

5- Do not put more powder on your face, because adding a lot of it will make you look ten years older than your real age.

6- Avoid using bronze cosmetics, because they show wrinkles on the face more


Don’t go overboard with blush, just put a thin layer of it on your cheeks


8- Avoid adding too much eye makeup and stay away from light colors because they show wrinkles.


9- Dilute mascara and eyeliner and do not add more than two or three layers of them, because extravagance in applying eyeliner and mascara increases your life terribly.


10- Do not wear dark colors of lipstick such as dark brown, especially if the color of your teeth changes, but use light and bright colors, they suit you more

This is an attempt from website and tips for women who have crossed their forties to apply makeup in a way that suits their age.

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