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Benefits of using CC cream on hair - Care Beauty
CC cream

Benefits of using CC cream on hair

Vizcaya CC 12 in 1 Cream has 12 functions in just one cream, such as moisturizing, restoring and protecting hair, because it is made with ojon oil, jojoba oil, panthenol and keratin, which helps to rebuild, moisturize and protect the hair. It gives it shine and softness.

CC cream

Benefits Of CC Cream

The 12 benefits of using CC cream for hair are:

  1. Hydrate: jojoba oil moisturizes hair strands and makes them stronger;
  2. Nourish: Ojon oil nourishes the hair, helping to maintain the luster and softness of the strands;
  3. shine: ojon oil is responsible for replenishing the shine of hair strands;
  4. achieve smoothness : also due to ojon oil, hair strands become softer and smoother to the touch;
  5. Strengthening – strengthens: the hair strands, as they are moisturized, become stronger and more resistant to temperature differences;
  6. Restores: Ojon Oil and Keratin help restructure damaged hair;
  7. make the strands more elastic: hair strands, when restructured, are more elastic;
  8. Reduce frizz : Moisturizing does not dry out hair and does not absorb moisture responsible for frizz;
  9. Volume down: hair strands are defined more and have a natural volume;
  10. Reducing split ends: moisturizing and restoring hair makes them stronger, reducing split ends;
  11. Protects from temperature: Panthenol helps to form a protective film on the hair that protects it from temperature differences;
  12. Protect yourself from UV rays – The protective layer that panthenol creates in hair strands protects them from UV rays.

CC Cream combines all of these benefits into one cream, which must be applied every day to be fully effective.

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How to use CC cream on hair

CC cream can be used on any type of hair, dry or wet, to:

  • Short hair: you need to spray CC cream only once on your hand and then apply it all over the hair;
  • Medium Hair: CC Cream should be sprayed twice on the hand and then applied all over the hair;
  • Long hair: CC Cream should be sprayed three times on the hand and then applied to the length of the hair strands.
Viscaya CC Cream 12 in 1

Viscaya CC Cream 12 in 1
Spray CC cream according to hair volume

Spray CC cream according to hair volume

CC cream should not be applied to the root of the hair, and when applied to wet hair, it can naturally dry out the hair.

CC cream price

The price of CC Cream 12 in 1 from Vizcaya is about 50 OMR.