Benefits of marula fruit oil on the skin


Benefits of marula fruit oil on the skin

After natural oil masks were popular and applied to treat skin problems, marula fruit oil appears today

To set a milestone in the world of beauty and skin care, especially as it benefits all skin types without exception,

So, get acquainted with Yasmina on this fruit and discover the benefits of the oil extracted from it, so that it can shine perfectly from chemicals.

Marula oil is extracted from the pasta of this African fruit and is considered one of the most important substances that contribute to treating skin problems

Especially as it contains the most important fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients that seep brilliantly into the pores of the skin and give it the main benefits, the most important of which are:

Care for all skin types: Skin care rules urge women to use the product or oil that is suitable for the appropriate skin type,

Marula fruit oil is really miraculous because it is effective and suitable for all types of oily, dry and even sensitive skin.

This is due to its ability to penetrate deep into the pores without leaving greasy deposits.

Contribute to the adjustment of sebum secretions: a few drops of it on the skin of the face and even the neck, and the skin will have the appropriate moisture percentage

It gives the skin it needs without any residue, it is great for dry skin and ideal for oily skin because it gives it the amount it needs for a continuous sebum balance.

Fights wrinkles: and because it is rich in fatty acids and vitamins E and C, it is ideal for repairing and treating damaged roots

Deep in the skin caused by pollution or exposure to UV rays. So it is ideal for fighting the signs of premature aging.

Fights acne: Thanks to its formula rich in anti-microbial properties, this oil contributes to deep cleansing and elimination

From inflamed pimples. In addition, it reduces the appearance of scars and even relieves you of stretch marks.

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