Eggplant and sesame seeds for lighter complexion


Do you suffer from darkening and discoloration of your skin?

And you want to have supple skin without dark spots, away from frequenting beauty salons and spending a lot of money?

Here are some natural recipes for lightening skin color and getting rid of dark spots, so that you can try them whenever you get started:

1. Eggplant: It is one of the substances rich in antioxidants that helps to lighten and brighten the skin

All you have to do to take advantage of it is to slice the eggplant into thick, round slices

And put it on the skin, for ten minutes or a quarter of an hour. Do this daily

For a week, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin, and the disappearance of dark spots within days.

2. Sesame seeds: They are rich in antioxidants and antibacterials

Thanks to the presence of omega-6, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamins B and E.

Which is included in a lot of skin care products

All you have to do is grind a spoonful of sesame seeds with a tablespoon of turmeric and mix the two ingredients together with a little water

Until you get a smooth dough Apply the paste on your skin, leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with cold water

Repeat this at least twice a week. You can also apply sesame seed oil after exposure to the sun to protect your skin from wrinkles and dryness.

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