Benefits of date juice

Would you like to know the many and essential benefits of date juice for the human body?

The website of offers you the nutrients available in date juice as well as the way to prepare it to serve it on your trip.

Benefits of date juice

How to make date juice

1- Benefits of date juice

Date juice has many benefits, most notably:

Promote the health of the nervous system: Dates are one of the ingredients rich in vitamin B, which plays an important role in promoting the health of the nervous system, as it helps to increase awareness and awareness and helps the brain to focus. It facilitates the birth process. Also, dates have many benefits for the fetus, but be careful, drink date juice in moderate quantities so that you do not get diabetes during pregnancy.Prevention of heart disease: Drinking date juice helps reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and thus prevents some heart diseases, and the potassium available in dates It improves the health of blood vessels, which leads to reducing the incidence of strokes and heart attacks. Promoting the health of the digestive system: Dates are one of the ingredients rich in fiber that helps soften the stomach and thus get rid of constipation. It also helps to get rid of gas. In addition, eating dates helps to promote good bacteria in the stomach, which helps improve digestion. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth: Drinking date juice has a role in strengthening bones and teeth because it contains important proportions of calcium and magnesium. Date juice daily makes your skin more fresh.

2- How to make date juice

the ingredients

Peeled dates – 15 pieces, hot water – 2 cups

How to prepare:

In a bowl, put dates and water.

Leave the mixture for about 3 hours.

Put the mixture in the bowl of a food processor and blend the ingredients until smooth.

Pour the date mixture into serving cups and serve it on your trip.